Evaluation is the most important aspect of mineral exploration. Evaluation of the deposit covers interpretation of data, computation and classification of reserves and grade by cross-section method.

For mining, the proved reserves should be in G-1 category as per UNFC norms.

Mining is the powerful sources of revenue generation in the state and country. Mineral wealth resources and its exploration, exploitation and uses, enhance the socio-economic status of the people. The different type of Base metal, Ores, Minerals, Building materials etc.  excavated  through  mining  and  using  for  rural  development  and

Groundwater is a dynamic and replenishable natural resource but in recent years many state of country are chronically drought prone and faces an acute water scarcity for drinking and agricultural needs.  Availability of groundwater is of limited extent and its occurrence is essentially confined to fracture and weathered zones.


Geo Solutions (P) Ltd is having experience in geological exploration, i.e. topographical survey, geological mapping, drilling (core and non-core), trenching, pitting, logging, sampling, exploratory mining, etc. which together constitute detailed exploration for Iron-ore, Mn-ore, Limestone, dolomite, Bauxite as major minerals and Granite, Building stones and River sand. 

Exploration is an important economic function of mineral industry, its main aim being generation of new profit contras for tomorrow. Proper organisation and management are essential in gradients in the successful execution of exploration.


Environmental sustainability is the important issue for Earth environmental system, we deal with specific field of Earth sciences. Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Planning (EMP) have to be conducted for Mining, Groundwater, Geotechnical Eng. Mineral based industries, Urban & Rural development etc.

Remote  Sensing  is  the  techniques  that  can  be  observed  an  object  without  being  a physical  contact.  Remote  Sensing  provides  synoptic,  repetitive  and  comprehensive coverage of  Earth  surface area,  it  is  immensely  suited  for  evolving  a scientific  and environmentally sound planning of required theme.

GIS is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing things that exit and events that happen on Earth. GIS will give you power to create maps, integrated information, visualize scenarios, solve complicated problems, present powerful ideas and develop  effective solutions like  never before. It has emerged as a supporting tool for decision-making process.


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