The Geology of the area is the most important factor of any applications over the Earth Environmental Systems. The parent rock type governs the process like soil, drainage, vegetation and agriculture, forest, industries, mining and water availability etc. that help to develop the socio-economic status of the area.

Geo Solutions (P) Ltd is having experience in geological exploration, i.e. topographical survey, geological mapping, drilling (core and non-core), trenching, pitting, logging, sampling, exploratory mining, etc. which together constitute detailed exploration for Iron-ore, Mn-ore, Limestone, dolomite, Bauxite as major minerals and Granite, Building stones and River sand. A special feature is the discussion on the mode of occurrence and various mineral deposits in India and the manner in which the related schemes of exploration have to be designed to meet the specific needs of a given type of deposit, computation and categorisation of reserves and exploration in working mines are among the salient features.

In contrast to the general neglect of systematic exploration in small mines, a number of government, semi-government and private organisations are engaged in the exploration of mineral deposits in free-hold areas, as also in the mining lease areas covered by large mechanized mines.

Exploration is an important economic function of mineral industry, its main aim being generation of new profit contras for tomorrow. Proper organisation and management are essential in gradients in the successful execution of exploration.

A mining lease area should cover the mineral deposit and some adjacent areas for the development of ancillary facilities like waste disposal, construction of surface structures (office, colony, explosive magazine, processing plant) and space required for other facilities connected with mining.  

A well-prepared topographical and geological map of the area is the most important ingredient of a prospecting exploration on sufficiently large scale.

Mineral exploration consist of two activities- prospecting and exploration as below:

  1. Geological mapping.
  2. Mineral zone identification with parent rock.
  3. Petrography and chemical compositions of rock and minerals. Impact of geology on different applications.


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