Geo Solutions (P) Ltd. is the pioneer-working platform in the field of Mining and related Environmental systems. The Company is assisted by several efficient and hard-working professionals. Our technological expertise and sound commitment towards mining and environment enable us to provide the best of what is required. We assure you to serve at the best level.  A leader who treads the unknown path.

Geo Solutions (P) Ltd., gradually rising right from the inception, has reached a glorious innings.

Quality always has been an indispensable part of our methodology.  Be  it  with  the  Management  Systems, we  employ  our  output  and  always  make  ourselves  open to learning constantly and improving ourselves.

Growth. Innovation. Trust

Geo Solutions (P) Ltd. was incorporated as private limited company in 2004 with registered office at BHILAI .The versatility of the company has enabled us to develop  multifaceted expertise that has broadened our experience to match the demands of  today.


Geo Solutions (P) Ltd. works in experience with the experts in various technical fields and helps in achieving the goal to customer satisfaction.

Recently, the company is one of the frontline in mapping, mining plan making and related consultancy organization in the region. Company poised to meet the challenges of stringent global standards and with India being swept into the IT wave, and very few companies have the technology and vision to measure up to this challenge. Today, in the era of Information Technology, computerization is essential for the constant and speedy growth of an organization. Since, it can provide enormous help and guidance in fulfilling the tasks.



Require  to  focus  on  practical  ways  to  manage  environmental  damage  with pollution prevention, waste reduction and life cycle analysis.


Appreciate difference between “cheapest available solutions not inviting prosecution” and “best available solutions not entailing excessive cost”


Transforming the environmental expenditures, which have been growing as an “expansive annoyance” to a “normal cost of doing business”, and finally to an “essential component of healthy corporate image”.

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